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Snack Ideas. Experimenting with Watermelon Gummies & Jerky

Snack Ideas. Experimenting with Watermelon Gummies & Jerky

Jan 23, 2023The Little Lunchbox Co

We're all about experimenting and finding creative ways to enjoy different foods that we love. We do this for all types of foods from main meals to snacks. We believe that healthy food can be tasty, and it doesn't have to break the bank or require a large amount of culinary expertise. This week we had the pleasure of whipping out the dehydrator to make some Watermelon gummies and jerky. We've experimented in the past with different fruits and vegetables but never Watermelon, so we were very curious to see how it would turn out .... 

So why watermelon? 

Growing up, Watermelon was always one of my favourite fruits to eat at school. It's naturally sweet and has a uniquely, refreshing taste to it. Plus, how often do we see dehydrated watermelon? Very rarely! We decided to shape our Watermelon as stars to increase it's appeal to children and make things more fun. FYI - this didn't stop the adults from eating them either. 

Health benefits

Watermelon contains a variety of nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, vitamins A & C and is a relatively low calorie snack made from 92% water. 

It also contains a number of antioxidants, which help to reduce free-radical damage which may lead to conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer in adulthood. 

This recipe is also 100% fruit, gluten-free, vegan-friendly and contains no added sugar! So it's a fantastic snack for guilt-free nibbling around the house. 

How we made it?

1) First start by removing the skin of the watermelon and cutting the edges to form a fruit with relatively straight edges (kind of like a square) 

Watermelon Star Gummies


2) Slice the watermelon into 1/2 inch slices and set aside 

Watermelon Gummies Step-by-Step

3) Using a star shaped cutter, carefully pierce the fruit to make your star shaped Watermelon gummies. Set aside any extras for eating or making into a smoothie as we did (do not throw this away!)

Watermelon Gummies Step-by-Step

4) Once cut, line your dehydrator tray with baking sheets and carefully place your gummies side by side with 1/2 inch between them. If you don't have a dehydrator, an oven works fine too. Just be sure to leave your oven door slightly open to allow any moisture to escape. 

Watermelon Gummies Step-by-Step

5) Dehydrate at 60C for 12-14h rotating the tray every few hours

6) Once complete, carefully peel and place into an air-tight jar for storage. These gummies and jerky should keep for 2-4 weeks if stored correctly.  


Snacks For School, Packed Lunch

Not only are these a great thing to do with the whole family (don't limit the shapes to stars, why not try other shapes too). These are also a great addition for kids snacks in school, a fun alternative to dried fruit and are perfect for any school lunchbox too! 

Let us know if you managed to make these and what your family thought about these yummy gummies! Would they eat them again? 

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