We set up Munch'd Meals as we believed there should be a greater number of options and variety for growing children and young adults.
We wondered why all children's meals were frozen and based off similar recipes? We want to be different from any home food delivery business, offering young foodies an opportunity to try a variety of fresh, new food options that are guaranteed to delight!
Our aim is to put innovation, health and quality at the heart of our brand, offering children an unrivalled variety of foods they can explore all from the comfort of their own home.

Here at Munch'd Meals we put children first!

We believe we have a duty to feed and empower the next generation of innovators, problem-solvers and thinkers. We plan to achieve this through our food, creating delicious products that are good for the body and the planet too. We hope to create the next generation of food lovers, who have a deep appreciation for food, nutrition and sustainability.

Our Vision For The Future

Here are a few things we are actively trying to change ....

Childhood Obesity

1-in-3 children leaving primary school are classified as overweight or obese.

Fruits & Vegetable Consumption

1/3 of all children aged 5-10 in the UK eat less than one portion of vegetables daily.

Sugar Consumption

On average children in the UK consume twice as much sugar as recommended.

Our Food Mantra

To create the tastiest foods without ever compromising on quality or health

To promote the use of natural ingredients to impart flavour and nutrient quality

To continuously push the boundaries, creating food that is both fun and exciting for children

To continue to engage and educate children on their food, it's ingredients and the benefit of eating well

To create products that can be enjoyed by all children regardless of diets or allergies

Our Ingredients

We locally source high quality ingredients for every meal to maximum freshness and quality, while reducing carbon footprint and overall environmental impact.

Fruits & Vegetables

We source all of our fresh produce from a number of suppliers with close connections to local farms and produce.

Meat & Fish

We work closely with SALSA approved butchers, fishmongers, and other suppliers to source home grown British meats, sustainable fish and halal proteins that we use in all our meals.


Our eggs are sourced from The Good Egg Fellas - an award winning independent free range egg supplier that sells direct from its farms to businesses across the UK.

Dry Store

We source speciality spices, canned goods and other dry stored ingredients from a a number of carefully selected producers in the UK


We work to carefully source and import only the most wonderful, unique and delicious snacks from around the world.

We would be nothing without our amazing team who help to support and drive our mission forward. Here's a short introduction to learn more about the people behind the scenes.

Bronzie Kee, Founder

"I've always loved food since young. Mealtimes was exciting for me as I got the opportunity to experience something new. I wanted to create a brand that could do the same for children, while also creating a strong foundation for good health"

Danielle Petersen, Dietitian

As a mum and Paediatric Dietitian I am passionate about kids eating meals that not only tasty but great for their bodies too. Munch’d is homecooked food at it’s best and I love working with them to help make every meal better for our kids!

Meet The Team - The Little Lunchbox - Bronzie Kee

Bronzie Kee

Rodigves Salatovic

Danielle Petersen

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