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Delivery 📦

Deliveries take place twice a week. First deliveries take place on the Sunday/Monday and second deliveries on the Wednesday. First deliveries contain all meals for Monday-Wednesday; second deliveries contain all meals for the rest of the week.
Minimum Order: £30
Delivery Charge: £5.00 per delivery drop off

Ordering 🍽️

All meals are not available throughout the entire week. Delivery days and charges will depend on what type of meals are ordered.
Sun/Mon Meals - First Delivery
Wed Meals - Second Delivery

Allergies/Dietary Requirements ✅

While we try to be as inclusive as possible we are not able to make individual changes to our products. We always recommend checking the label for all ingredients before consumption. If unsure please get in touch with us directly.

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Dietary Information

Please share any special dietary requirements or allergies your family may have. We advise you to check each meal item for its full ingredients before consumption.
If you have any special requirements that are not included here, please email us on: hello@munchdmeals.com



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