Explore Our Culinary Delights

We love experimenting with new ingredients and finding ways to incorporate this into our menu. Don't be surprised to find different coloured fruits and vegetables and even unique new ways of cooking familiar favourites
Our team of professional chefs draw inspiration from seasonal and local ingredients in the area. Join us behind the scenes as we take a closer look at our food and the high-quality ingredients used in every meal

Nutritionist & Parent Approved

New Foods Every Week

100% Natural

Vegetables in Every Meal

Perfectly Balanced

Meals For All

We provide options for children with allergies and special dietary requirements (gluten-free, vegan, vegetarians, etc.)

Dietician Approved

Our in house Dietician ensures that every meal complies to salt, sugar and other recommended allowances

Veggie Packed

We incorporate plenty of fresh vegetables and provide a minimum of at least 1-of-their-5 a day

Peanut Free

Our meals are safe for schools and nurseries and made in a peanut-free kitchen

Halal Meats

We support halal based diets by using meats that are halal certified and accredited.

Sustainable Packaging

We use recyclable, environmentally friendly packaging such as our paper trays and thermally insulated boxes


Rise and shine during the week with our quick, on-the-go breakfast options designed to fuel family adventures from the very first bite!


Discover our range of unique, no-added sugar snacks that are packaged in a convenient single serving format. Perfect on the go where every bite is a delight!

Chilled Meals

Our solution for any meal on the move or away from home. Works perfectly for lunch in school or nursery. Simply pack and go, with no reheating required!

Heat to Eat Meals

Nutritionally balanced, complete, single-serving meal solutions that can be prepared in minutes. Perfect for evening dinners and hot lunches. Fits inside 99% of thermal lunchboxes!

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