Experience a timeless classic

Cheese, Tomato & Cucumber Sandwich


This sandwich is a fussy-eater favorite, crafted with a blend of classic flavours and elevated to captivate young taste buds. Enjoy this fuss-free, delightful meal accompanied by fresh vegetable dippers and a complementary dip for an extra burst of flavor

The Cheese, Tomato & Cucumber Sandwich offers calcium and protein from the cheese, along with vitamins and antioxidants from the tomatoes. Cucumbers, known for their hydrating properties, provide a low-calorie addition.

We craft each meal alongside our nutritionist and dieticians to ensure they meet healthy eating guidelines for each macronutrient, salt and calorific level. Here are some suggestions to help with your selection.

  • Small: For children under 10
  • Large: For children 10 and above or those with big appetites
  • Standard: Enough for your average child age 5-13
Meal Size

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