Timeless cheese crackers

Mini Cheese Crackers


Enjoy the timeless taste of cheese in these mini single-serving bags of Jacobs Cheese Crackers. These classic crackers offer a satisfying crunch paired with the savory taste of cheese—a perfect snack for any time of day.

Baked with Real Cheese and with no artificial colours or flavours. The oil palm products contained in this product have been certified to come from RSPO segregated sources and have been produced to stringent environmental and social criteria.

We craft each meal alongside our nutritionist and dieticians to ensure they meet healthy eating guidelines for each macronutrient, salt and calorific level. Here are some suggestions to help with your selection.

  • Small: For children under 10
  • Large: For children 10 and above or those with big appetites
  • Standard: Enough for your average child age 5-13

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