Cool and Creamy

Mint Yoghurt Dip

Discover the refreshing delight of our Cool and Creamy Mint Yoghurt Dip. Crafted with care, this creamy dip combines the coolness of yoghurt with the invigorating flavor of fresh mint leaves. It's the perfect companion for dipping your vegetable crudites with any chilled meal. 

Refreshing Mint: Fresh mint adds a delightful burst of flavor and is known for its potential to aid digestion.

Versatile Use: This dip complements a variety of snacks and dishes, making it a versatile and enjoyable condiment.

Low in Calories: Mint yoghurt dip is typically low in calories, making it a guilt-free choice for enhancing your meals and snacks

We craft each meal alongside our nutritionist and dieticians to ensure they meet healthy eating guidelines for each macronutrient, salt and calorific level. Here are some suggestions to help with your selection.

  • Small: For children under 10
  • Large: For children 10 and above or those with big appetites
  • Standard: Enough for your average child age 5-13

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